Ethan Biscette


This clothing line shows a dream that is developing into reality, showing that your only limit is yourself. Oftentimes chances and opportunities are lost because we do not believe in OURSELVES. I created this clothing line to show people that you NEED to Treat Yourself Like Royalty. Once you start treating yourself like royalty, there is nothing you can not do. The website takes you through a vision that was once a dream and is now turning into a reality in front of your eyes. The ultimate high life! Our best seller is the white globe tee which sold out in less than a month on both releases. Following that, are our white and grey hoodies which are perfect for the wintertime. We have regular drops for each season and will be providing multiple variations of different colors and items for you to select from. You can also explore deeper and tune into our Youtube channel, where you are promised to be provided with laughter and pure entertainment!

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